Product Information

Application: PhatPhish.exe
Version Number: 1.10
Version Date: 18th November 2017
Author: Dave Dixon


  • Added option for 3-string cigar box guitar tuning
  • Check for correct file extention when saving scale as bitmap
  • Check for correct file extention when saving riff/pattern to file
  • Bug fix for info text on printouts/bitmaps of arpeggios
  • Added option to revert to default settings
  • General code tweaking, optimising and tidying up of source code
  • Bug fix for naming of notes in geometric scales
  • Modified some preset tunings
  • Maple and rosewood nack patterns rotated through 90 degrees (more realistic)
  • New range of default standard tunings / instrument types
  • Added product info on printouts, bitmap images, etc.
  • Added "save current view to bitmap file
  • Can now set current view as Windows desktop background image
  • More arpeggio/chord patterns available (including altered chords)
  • More information displayed for selected arpeggio
  • Playback of arpeggio patterns now uses strictly sequential notes
  • Cleaned up options on 'Play' menu
  • Added ascending/descending options for playing scales and arpeggios
  • Renamed "Riff-Bulder" as "Pattern-Builder"
  • Added ability to import and export patterns via file
  • Added ability to import and export patterns via Windows clipboard
  • MIDI voice for playback persists between sessions
  • Playback pattern, etc. persists between sessions
  • Added some new 'tip of the day' items
  • Minor optimisations of the underlying code
  • Bass strings are now thicker than treble strings
  • View can now be inverted, so bass strings are at top and treble strings at the bottom
  • Left-hand mode added, reverses view left/right
  • New option (on 'Tools' menu) to copy current scale layout to Windows clipboard
  • Added powerchords to the arpeggios database (under 'diads')
  • Removed 'nag' dialog from print option
  • Changed the way seed for product ID is calculated (may require re-registration)
  • A few cosmetic changes to the dialogs
  • Fixed bug which could cause note markers not to draw properly when playing notes
  • Plectrum mode setting persists between sessions
  • Added button to main dialog to allow quick switch to plectrum mode
  • Middle mouse button can now be used to drag 24 fret neck (even when in plectrum mode)
  • Fixed bug which caused settings for highlighting and annotation to be forgotten between sessions
  • A few minor tweaks to the underlying code
  • Default number of strings is now 6 when running PhatPhish for the first time (was defaulting to 7 for some reason - thanks to Sue for highlighting that one)
  • Fixed bug which could cause plectrum mode to hang when in 4-string mode (thanks to Vincent for pointing that one out)
  • Due to popular demand, PhatPhish now lets you view and play chords/arpeggios as well as scales
  • Also by popular demand, the ability to hide selected notes from display (useful for figuring out scale/chord 'boxes')
  • Optional display of a helpful tip when PhatPhish starts. Tip display also available from the Help menu
  • References to the PhatPhish website now point to a new domain (
  • All the necessary amendments to on-line help to support the new features
  • Fixed bug on Display Options dialog which wasn't showing correct setting for fret numbering (thanks to Lanz for spotting this one)
  • Big New Feature #1: Display can show 12 or 24 fret neck. Viewing area remains unchanged, but in 24 fret mode, the view can be panned left and right using the mouse
  • Big New Feature #2: Riff Builder. Allows patterns of notes to be defined, which can then be played using notes from the current scale
  • Changes to playback speed. More/finer settings which, in conjunction with Riff functionality helps PhatPhish to work more effectively as a practise aid
  • Added percussion which could be helpful if you're intending to play along to scales/riffs
  • New item on 'Options' menu for 'Play options' - provides control over various aspects of playback
  • The main dialog now includes controls for playing scales and riffs
  • 'Plectrum mode' moved from 'Options' menu and onto 'Tools' menu (seems more appropriate, plus 'Riff Builder' looked a bit lonely)
  • The 'Standard' button on the Tuning dialog will use a lower octave if 4 or 5 strings selected
  • By popular demand, tweaked the marker colours to try and increase contrast between different types of highlighting
  • New feature-ette: optional display of fret number underneath each fret (using either decimal or roman numerals)
  • Fixed bug in calculation of Hirajoshi scale
  • Miscellaneous minor technical tweaks
  • New feature: will now optionally highlight notes when playing
  • New feature: configurable number of strings
  • Added some extra instrument sounds
  • New feature-ette: can arrange root notes sequentially or by circle of fifths (thanks to Dean for suggesting this)
  • Fixed bug in playing scales (notes sometimes 'disappeared' - oops!)
  • 'Play' buttons on tuning dialog get greyed out when a note(s) playing (thanks to Cus for suggesting this)
  • The jingle on the 'About' screen is now played using the current instrument (actually more of a side-effect of something else, but let's call it a feature)
  • More options for note marker colours
  • Note marker highlighting changed (as some people found it hard to differentiate between the different highlight colours). Now includes slightly different symbology so that the root is more clearly visible when highlighted
  • A few extra scales added (under Miscellaneous/Exotic)
  • Extra speed options for playing scales
  • Added a cool little easter egg
  • Some technical tweaks to optimise performance
  • Fixed bug in root notes list which made Ab disappear
  • Added family for modes of the natural minor
  • There are now 2 variations of the major blues scale
  • Added the harmonic chromatic scale
  • When you strum on the tuning dialog, the play buttons get greyed out until strum has finished
  • You can now select the product ID on the Register dialog (makes registration even easier - hint, hint)
  • A few minor tweaks to the on-line help, etc. (note that PhatPhish now has its own domain name:
  • Took on and defeated "Coder dare no 1:" from Cus: "If you pluck on one string, it should stop all other notes on that string"
  • Description and other information about each scale displayed at bottom of main dialog
  • Notes played via tuning dialog now stop when that dialog closes (ditto the 'About' box)
  • Sorted out a few general bugs with the MIDI controller
  • Added Whole Tone scale to the 'Miscellaneous' family (I'd goofed and missed it out in previous versions)
  • If you haven't registered your copy (it's free, so why not?) then you might see the odd extra 'nag' message
  • Modified the registration code encryption (a bit tighter than before)
  • Changed some website references in documentation/on-line help
  • The first 'proper' release build!
  • No code modifications (the last beta release seemed OK as it was)
  • General 'packaging', documentation, etc.
  • Proper on-line help
  • Added cool little animation effect on the Phish logo
  • Fixed bug with title on printout
  • Added warning dialog as part of printing routine
  • Speed control for playback
  • Added "Guitar Harmonics" to list of available instruments
  • Tightened up some memory allocation code that I missed in v0.10
  • Registration functionality
  • Tightened up some memory allocation code
  • Added Play menu options to play scale
  • Dot markers on neck (as per suggestion from Cus)
  • Sound
  • Display options now handled by a separate dialog instead of just from the menu
  • Plain neck type added as an option
  • More scales, grouped by type
  • Printout
  • Fixed bug with screen co-ordinate calculation NT and XP (thanks to Cus for the help in testing this out)
  • Fixed tab order on tuner dialog
  • Tidied up splash screen code
  • Added support for alternate tunings
  • Added product information dialog to show this stuff

Known Problems/Issues

    Neck image currently doesn't appear on some printers


Thanks the the various people who have taken some time to help with testing PhatPhish at various points during its life.

Thank-you to all PhatPhish users around the world who have taken the time to register, and an extra thank-you to those who have made a donation.

Thanks to those of you who have sent me your comments and suggestions for the product.


©2002-2017, Dave Dixon / CyberFlotsam