Licensing and Registration

This version of PhatPhish is provided as ShareWare. That means you may install and use it subject to the following conditions:

  1. You are encouraged to register the software. As well as helping me to track how widely used this little application is, it also means that you can be notified when upgrades are available. The 'Registration' dialog (from the 'Help' menu) will give you a unique product ID. Either go to the Register page on the PhatPhish website or email it to the address below. You'll receive a registration code which will remove the annoying little 'nag' messages (and any slight feelings of guilt that you may have).
  2. There is no obligation to pay for PhatPhish for your own personal use, however any financial donations to help cover the costs of product development (pizza, caffeinated beverages, etc.) would be gratefully received. Please refer to the PhatPhish website for details.
  3. Even if you don't want to register or donate, if you like the software then at least please send a "thank-you" email to the address below (a small price to pay, really, when you come to think about it). If (perish the thought) you think the software stinks then email me anyway - constructive criticism is always welcome.
  4. The software has been tested, but it's not always possible to guarantee that no bugs (or 'issues' as I prefer to call them) do not persist. If you do encounter any glitches, then please let me know.
  5. Should you have any suggestions for modifications and/or additional features, then please send me an email and tell me what you'd like to see. All polite suggestions will be considered for future versions.
  6. If you get caught using PhatPhish in the office when you're meant to be working then, quite frankly, the boss has got you bang to rights - don't come whining to me about it.
  7. You are welcome to forward PhatPhish to your friends, colleagues, relatives or whoever, provided that PhatPhish remains unaltered, including this license agreement and all copyright details. However...
  8. This version of PhatPhish is not licensed for commercial distribution. If you'd like to distribute it commercially or include it as part of any software compilation (whether for financial gain or not) then please contact me at the email address below.
  9. Finally, I can accept no responsibity for any damage or injury caused by the use of this software. (Although quite how you could injure yourself using software is beyond my imagination. If, by some cruel twist of fate, you do happen to do yourself a mischief, I'd love to see some pictures).

The Small Print: By using PhatPhish, you - also to be known as the party of the second part - agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions of this license agreement. Failure to observe these will result in any measures which the Author - also to be known as the party of the first part - deem appropriate to be taken against you. And that means you. Look, I'm not messing about here. I know people, if you know what I mean. I'm not necessarily talking about lawyers in the strictest sense of the word - let's just say that they've done a good job of enforcing my point of view in the past. You've seen the new bridge over the A1(M) at Catterick haven't you? Well there's more than just concrete holding that thing up, if you get my drift. So, we've got ourselves an understanding here, then? Fine, then that's alright then....

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