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Print Competitions 2008/2009 season

First Colour Print Open

22nd October 2008
Judge: Dave Richardson

Commended - John Thompson, Porcelain Fungus
Commended - Ian Atkinson, Late Evening After A Dull Day
Commended - Jane Coltman, Lindisfarne Clouds

Highly Commended - Alastar Cochrane, Melody Maker
Highly Commended - Malcolm Kus, Running Gentoo Penguin
Highly Commended - Alastair Cochrane, The Leaf

4th - John Thompson, Water Devil

3rd - John Thompson, Casting In The Mist

2nd - Kevin Murray, Patience

1st - Ian Atkinson, Evening Serenade

First Monochrome Print Open

22nd October 2008
Judge: Dave Richardson

Commended - Tracy Rolley, 5th Avenue
Commended - Dave Dixon, The Ties That Bind
Commended - Sue Baker, Golden Loom

Highly Commended - John Smith, Peaceful
Highly Commended - Jane Coltman, St Cuthbert's Cross
Highly Commended - Alastair Cochrane, Springtime At St Andrews

4th - Dave Dixon, St Mary's Island

3rd - Geoffrey Bradford, East Coast

2nd - Dave Dixon, Stairs And Chair

1st - Gordon Charlton, Warkworth Castle

Set Of 3 - Monochrome

3rd December 2008
Judge: David Hall ARPS

Commended - Alan Ainsworth, Cornwall Rocks

Highly Commended - Gerry Simpson, Wood Knot Patterns
Contours - Ghost - Rings

4th - Jane Coltman, Station Staff
Driver - Station Master - Fireman

3rd - Susan Baker, Lincoln Cathedral
1 - 2 - 3

2nd - Dave Dixon, Water Studies
Droplet - Splash - Crown

1st - John Thompson, Rugby Faces
Prop Forward - Facing Forwards - Scrum Half

Set Of 3 - Colour

3rd December 2008
Judge: David Hall ARPS

Commended - Raymond Beston, The Age Of Technology
Quartz Watches - Baler Brain - TV Circuit Board
Commended - Tracy Rolley, Postscript
Submitting To The Scalpel - Commissioning A Mural - Burial At Sea
Commended - Pat Wood, Derwent Reservoir
1 - 2 - 3

Highly Commended - David Carter, Moeraki Boulders
Highly Commended - Malcolm Kus, Elephants
Highly Commended - Gordon Charlton, Swarland Fungi
Porcelain (1) - Porcelain (2) - Shaggy Scaly Cap

4th - John Thompson, A Fisherman's Lot
Pitenweem - Ailsa Jane - Caroline & Bae-Jae

3rd - Kevin Murray, Working Labradors
1 - 2 - 3

2nd - Jane Coltman, Appleby Detail
1 - 2 - 3

1st - Alain Ainsworth, Improvising
Courtney Pine - Wolfgang Mutspie - Phil Robson

Set Subject - Monochrome - Patterns

28th January 2009
Judge: Linda Campbell

Commended - Sue Baker, Pattern From Petals
Commended - Sue Baker, Pier Pattern
Commended - Jane Coltman, Cloister

Highly Commended - Dave Dixon, Tyre Tread
Highly Commended - Dave Dixon, Seats

4th - Geofrey Bradford, Defensive Pattern

3rd - John Thompson, Parliamentary View Points

2nd - Geoffrey Bradford, Pattern Of Waste

1st - Jane Coltman, Flower Centre

Set Subject - Colour - Close Up

28th January 2009
Judge: Linda Campbell

Highly Commended - James McQuillen, Bladder Wrack
Highly Commended - John Thompson, Dahlia

4th - Ian Atkinson, Clematis Seed Head

3rd - Ian Cartwright, Clown Fish With Anenome

2nd - Geoffrey Bradford, Close Reflection (2)

1st - James McQuillen, The Chain

Second Colour Print Open

8th April 2009
Judge: Anne Swearman

Commended - Jane Coltman, Remember
Commended - Keith Saint, Boathouse Reflection
Commended - John Thompson, Snowstorm Approaching

Highly Commended - Malcolm Kus, Tree Line
Highly Commended - James McQuillen, First Light at Bamburgh
Highly Commended - Kevin Murray, Grey Heron

4th - Gerry Simpson, The Workshop

3rd - Ian Atkinson, Windmills Of Spain

2nd - Malcolm Kus, Hurdlers

1st - Keith Saint, Rememberance

Second Monochrome Print Open

8th April 2009
Judge: Anne Swearman

Commended - Geoffrey Bradford, Kitchen Utensils, Cuba
Commended - Keith Saint, Causeway
Commended - John Thompson, Winter

Highly Commended - Geoffrey Bradford, Still Life In Black
Highly Commended - Gordon Charlton, Young Deer
Highly Commended - John Thompson, Bridge Jigsaw

4th - Jane Coltman, In The Corner

3rd - Geoffrey Bradford, Coffee Grinder

2nd - John Thompson, Reed Cutter's Mooring

1st - Keith Saint, Bygone Dreams Of Steam

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