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Projected Image Competitions 2008/2009 season

First Open

3rd October 2008
Judge: Edward Wilding

Commended - Barry Robertson, Up The Pole
Commended - James McQuillen, Reflections Of Alnwick
Commended - Sue Baker, Sunset On The Humber

Highly Commended - James McQuillen, Life On The Edge
Highly Commended - Jane Coltman, Hold On
Highly Commended - Gerry Simpson, Rust Amongst The Pebbles

4th - Doreen Smith, Secluded Corner

3rd - Jane Coltman, Evening Light

2nd - Ian Atkinson, Evening After A Dull Day

1st - Gerry Simpson, - Light On The Beach

The Nellie Bache Award

12th November 2008
Judge: Vince Rooker

Commended - Raymond Beston, National Trial Longrfamlington
Lifting Over The Rock Step - No2 Section Clean - Over The Rock Step
Commended - Joseph Thompson, Toy Fighters
Fighter Taxying - Fighter Takeoff - Fighter Flypast
Commended - John Thompson, A Place for Everything
Spanners And Spouts - A Place For Everything - Ordreed Ranks

Highly Commended - Peter Downs, Still Waiting
1 - 2 - 3
Highly Commended - Harry Wilkinson, Castles
1 - 2 - 3

4th - Jane Coltman, Canoeists
Look Of Concentration - Balancing Act - In Trouble!

3rd - Christine Sindall, The Way Of The Pilgrim
Lindisfarne Sunset - Refuge At Dusk - End Of The Pilgrimage

2nd - Dave Dixon, Town Criers In Alnwick
David Mitchell - Marjorie Dodds - Paul Gough

1st - Tracy Rolley, Starlings And Shakespeare
Alas Poor Yorrick - When Will We Four Meet Again? - By Heavens Methinks It Were An Easy Leap

Set Subject (First Line Of Any Song/Poem/Hymn)

7th January 2009
Judge: Colin Hall

Commended - Tracy Rolley, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Commended - Malcolm Kus, When Autumn Comes
Commended - Keith Saint, Goodnight Sweetheart

Highly Commended - Gerry Simpson, The Long And Winding Road
Highly Commended - Keith Saint, Paris
Highly Commended - Peter Downs, The Party's Over

4th - Dave Dixon, Stop, Oh Yes, Wait A Minute Mr Postman

3rd - Jane Coltman, Macavity's A Mystery Cat

2nd - Jane Coltman, Riders On The Storm

1st - Gordon Charlton: Who Let The Dog's Out?

The Northumberland Plate (Natural History)

25th February 2009
Judge: Jane Black ARPS APSA Hon.PAGB

Commended - Tracy Rolley, Spreading One's Wings
Commended - Gerry Simpson, Painted Lady
Commended - Raymond Beston - Meadow Cranesbill

Highly Commended - Dave Dixon, Swan Taking Off
Highly Commended - Ian Atkinson, Beak To Beak
Highly Commended - James McQuillen, Bladder Wrack (Fucus Vesiculosus)

4th - Doug Ross, Rosebay Seed Heads

3rd - Kevin Murray, Adder And Greenbottle

2nd - Kevin Murray, Waiting For Mum (Grey Seal Pup)

1st - Gerry Simpson, Curlew At Budle Bay

Second Open

18th March 2009
Judge: Dave Phillips

Commended - John Thompson, Whoosh!
Commended - Michael Mundy, Echo
Commended - Kevin Murray, Polecat

Highly Commended - Doug Ross, Keeping Control
Highly Commended - Sue Baker, Birdbath
Highly Commended - Jane Coltman, Dales Barn

4th - Tracy Rolley, Blue Notes

3rd - John Thompson, The Dash

2nd - Jane Coltman, Blowing His Own Trumpet

1st - Kevin Murray, The Appretice

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