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Print Competitions 2011/2012 season

First Print Open

26th October 2011
Judge: Anne Swearman ARPS

Commended - Sue Baker, The Swan Movement
Commended - Gerry Simpson, Go With The Flow
Commended - Andrew Makie, Owl In The Rafters
Commended - Jane Coltman, They Seem So Young These Days

Highly Commended - Andrew Mackie, Vixen In The Sun
Highly Commended - Ian Atkinson, Panaka Dzong
Highly Commended - John Thompson, High Tide at Newbiggin

4th - Kevin Murray, Spotted Flycatcher

3rd - Jane Coltman, A Change Of Shoes

2nd - John Thompson, A Place For Remembering

1st - Sue Baker, Siren

Set Of 3 Prints

11th January 2012
Judge: George Ledger DPAGB

Commended - Dave Dixon, Little Churches Of Northumberland
1 - 2 - 3
Commended - Jane Coltman, One Evening At Dunstanburgh
1 - 2 - 3

Highly Commended - John Thompson, Casualty Of War
1 - 2 - 3

4th - Richard Stent, Reichstag, Berlin

3rd - Ian Atkinson, Onion Domes Of Moscow
1 - 2 - 3

2nd - Kevin Murray, Garden Birds
1 - 2 - 3

1st - Gerry Simpson, Boris' Bikes
1 - 2 - 3

Set Subject - Isolation

29th February 2012
Judges: Club Members

23 points - Dave Dixon, Dawn Walk
Ian Atkinson, Alone In The Mountains
Gerry Simpson, Splendid Isolation
Ian Atkinson, In Her Own World
Barry Robertson, Kettleness Beach
25 points - Barry Robertson, Druridge Bay
John Thompson, Box Office Prisoner
26 points - Ian Atkinson, The Road To Nowhere
27 points - John Thompson, A World Of His Own
Malcolm Kus, Walk On The Wild Side
29 points - Micheal Mundy, Isolation
Dave Dixon, High Tide, St Maryís Island
33 points - Gerry Simpson, Lost In His Own Thoughts


Second Print Open (Colour)

4th April 2012
Judge: Dave Philips

Commended - Dave Dixon, Alnwick Castle
Commmended - Margaret Whittaker, Playtime
Commended - David Carter, Ewart Window

Highly Commended - Margaret Whittaker, Looking For Lunch
Highly Commended - Kevin Murray, Tufty Red Squirrel
Highly Commended - Dawn Groves - Infinity Bridge Reflection

4th - Kevin Murray, Great Spotted Woodpecker

3rd - David Carter, The Fly

2nd - Dave Dixon, Cullernose Point

1st - John Thompson, Mer les Bains

Second Print Open (Monochrome)

4th April 2012
Judge: Dave Philips

Commended - Ian Atkinson, Namaste
Commended - Richard Stent, Tyne Tunnel Cyclist
Commended - Raymond Beston, Shed Security

Highly Commended - Micheal Mundy, Attitude
Highly Commended - Dave Dixon, Tree And Sea Fret
Highly Commended - John Thompson, Owengate

4th - Margaret Whittaker, The Vortex

3rd - Barry Robertson, Ardmore Point

2nd - Peter Downs, Coquet Island

1st - John Thompson, A Winterís Day

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