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Projected Image Competitions 2014/2015 season

First Open

8th October 2014
Judge: Jimmy Welsh

Commended - Valerie Atkinson, Mighty Pillars
Commended - Micheal Mundy, White Face
Commended - Gerry Simpson, Six Ways To Eat An Ice Cream

Highly Commended - Micheal Mundy, Someone To Watch Over Me
Highly Commended - Dru Dodd, Lighthouses, Stars, Galaxies and Northern Lights
Highly Commended - Gerry Simpson, Through The Red Tunnel

4th - Micheal Mundy, Broken Toy

3rd - David Burn, Imagine

2nd - Dawn Groves, Pebbles

1st - David Burn, St Mary's Dawn

Set Of Three

26th November 2014
Judge: Alan Porrett

Commended - Alastair Cochrane, Daffodil In Ice
Petal - Stem - Flower

Commended - Gerry Simpson, Ice Patterns
Left Hand Curves - Middle Blocks - Right Hand Circles

Commended - Margaret Whittaker, Buried At The Baltic
First Light 12.40 - More Light 12.44 - Great Light 12.45

Highly Commended - Dave Dixon, Holy Cross Church
1 - 2 - 3

Highly Commended - Ian Atkinson, Washing Lines In Portugal
In Obidos - In Coimbra - In Oporto

Highly Commended - Micheal Mundy, There's No Business Like Show Business
Make 'em Laugh - The Show Must Go On - That's Entertainment

4th - Andrew Mackie, Sea Eagle
About To Strike - Struck - Breakfast

3rd - Richard Stent, Venetian Glass
1 - 2 - 3

2nd - Nick Johnson, The Reds
1 - 2 - 3

1st - Dru Dodd, Northumbrian Nights
The Timeless Observer - Aurora Borealis - Circles Of Stars And Stones

Northumberland Plate

4th February 2015
Judges: Club Members

Commended - David Burn, Pastel Sunset
Commended - Ian Atkinson, Ford Grave Yard
Commended - Margaret Whittaker, Alliums

Highly Commended - Jane Coltman, Storm Clouds, Holy Island
Highly Commended - Nick Johnson, A Place To Sit
Highly Commended - Rosie Cook-Jury, What's Around The Corner

4th - David Burn, Coquet Haze

3rd - Edwin Dinsdale, Hauxley Egret

2nd - Jane Coltman, Bamburgh Dawn

1st - Jane Coltman, Masted Ship Off Coquet Island

First Open

18th March 2015
Judge: Malcolm Kus

Commended - Paul Penman, Ready To Rumble
Commended - Ian Atkinson, Clean Sweep
Commended - Dave Dixon, Trig Point And Star Trails

Highly Commended - Jean Findlay, Dawn At 8000 Feet
Highly Commended - Margaret Whittaker, Sulphur Cave
Highly Commended - Valerie Atkinson, Ghostly Gull

4th - Ian Atkinson, At Peace With His Pipe

3rd - Laine Baker, Sunset Angel

2nd - Ian Atkinson, Uphill In The Rain

1st - Jane Coltman, Catch Me If You Can

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