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Print Competitions 2016/2017 season

Second Monochrome Open

12th April 2017
Judge: Dave Phillips

Commended - Jane Coltman, Burmese Boy
Commended - Richard Stent, Grafitti Serenade
Commended - Jane Coltman, Misty Morning, Holy Island

Highly Commended - David Burn, Cragside Trees
Highly Commended - Kevin Murray, Mountain Hare
Highly Commended - Micheal Mundy, Tunnel

4th - Laine Baker, Behind Bars

3rd - Carol McKay, Low Tide At Seahouses

2nd - Jane Coltman, In A Flap

1st - David Burn, Bamburgh Castle

Second Colour Open

12th April 2017
Judge: Dave Phillips

Commended - Alastair Cochrane, Rebirth
Commended - David Burn, Summit Tarn
Commended - Peter Downs, Three Candles

Highly Commended - Margaret Whittaker, A Tasty Lunch
Highly Commended - Jim Kirkpatrick, Callanish Stones
Highly Commended - Gerry Simpson, Water Power

4th - Jane Coltman, Old Wooden Cross

3rd - Carol McKay, View From The Chillingham Road

2nd - Laine Baker, Misty Morning

1st - Kevin Murray, Tilly

Set Subject - 'Past Its Best'

1st March 2017
Judged by Club Members

Commended - Alastair Cochrane, Forgotten
Commended - Jim Kirkpatrick, Second Incarnation
Commended - Gerry Simpson, Tour d'Ocean?

Highly Commended - Malcolm Kus, Rusting Albion
Highly Commended - Carol McKay, Leaning In Liverpool
Highly Commended - Richard Stent, Storm Damage

4th - Valerie Atkinson, Down But Not Out

3rd - Laine Baker, Old Tap

2nd - Jane Coltman, Seen Better Days

1st - Gerry Simpson, Nearly Gone

Set Of Three

18th January 2017
Judge: Mary Hartley

Commended - Andrew Mackie, Early Light

Highly Commended - Jane Coltman, Men Of Cuba
Highly Commended - Malcolm Kus, Sand Patterns

4th - Gerry Simpson, Seagull Droppings
1 - 2 - 3

3rd - Richard Stent, Washing Day In Venice
1 - 2 - 3

2nd - Kevin Murray, British Tits

1st - Alastair Cochrane, Going Down Slow
1 - 2 - 3

First Monochrome Open

9th November 2016
Judge: David Hall

Commended - Pat Wood, Tired Of Waiting
Commended - Carol McKay, Rounding The Corner
Commended - Valerie Atkinson, At Ease

Highly Commended - Valerie Atkinson, Yorkshire Waterfall
Highly Commended - Micheal Mundy, Ivan
Highly Commended - Pat Wood, In The Queue

4th - Micheal Mundy, The Ascent

3rd - Laine Baker, A Hole In The Wall

2nd - Alastair Cochrane, The Calatrava And The Cloud

1st - Kevin Murray, The Champ

First Colour Open

26th October 2016
Judge: David Ord

Commended - Malcolm Kus, Blue House
Commended - Alastair Cochrane, In Transit
Commended - Pat Wood, Safely Over

Highly Commended - Alastair Cochrane, A Touch Of Red
Highly Commended - Ian Atkinson, Artist At Work
Highly Commended - Andrew Mackie, Period Architecture

3rd - Laine Baker, Holy Smoke

2nd - Richard Stent, Lowry Centre

1st - Jane Coltman, Trinité

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