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Competition Rules

A - Rules Applying To All Entries


(a) The whole print or digital image must be from an image or images exposed by the entrant.

(b) Prints and projected images may be produced using either chemical or digital processing or capture or any combination of these.

(c) No image in whatever format/mode may be entered more than once in a season and in no more than two seasons.

(d) Maximum entry per member per competition shall be at the discretion of the relevant Competition Secretary.

A2 - Prints

(a) They must show, on the reverse side, the title and no other identification.

(b) They must be mounted.

(c) They and their mounts must not exceed 50 x 40 cm.

(d) They may be home or trade processed.

A3 - Digital Images

Members will be advised of the size of digital images at the start of the season and/or as appropriate during the season.

A4 - Awards

In general, there will be awards for up to three “Commended” entries, three ”Highly Commended” and one each for 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st places. Each award will receive a certificate.

See individual competitions for the award of trophies.


B - Rules For Individual Competitions

B1 - The Leagues

(a) There will be two leagues held each season, one each for Projected Images and one for Prints. Entries can be made in any number of league competitions.

(b) The Print league will consist of four competitions:- one Open mono, one Open colour, one ‘Set Subject’ competition and one ‘Set of Three’ competition (see B4)

(c) The Projected Images league will consist of four competitions:- two Open competitions, one ‘Set Subject’ competition and one ‘Set of Three’ competition (see B4)

(d) In all league competitions points will be allocated as follows:

Each entry is given 1 point.

In addition the following points are given:

Commended-1, Highly Commended-2; 4th place-3; 3rd place-4; 2nd place-5; 1st place-6

(e) Trophies will be awarded for the highest points aggregate in a season as follows:
Projected Image League: The R.E.Thomas Challenge Cup
Print League : The Arthur Spence Rose Bowl


Competition Awards will be made as follows:

(a) The winner of the 1st Open Projected Image competition will be awarded the Alnwick Club Award

(b) The winner of the Open Colour Print Competition will be awarded the Aln Trophy

(c) The winner of the Open Mono Print competition will be awarded the Housby Award

(d) The winner of the 2nd Open Projected Image competition will be awarded the Centenary Cup

(g) The winner of the Set Subject projected image competition will be awarded the Northumberland Plate (see B5).

(h) The winner of the Set Subject print competition will be awarded the Breamish Trophy.

B3 - The Progress Award

The Progress Award will be judged by a panel of three Club Members not eligible to enter, to be selected by the Committee. An eligible member is someone who, at the time of entry to the award has not been placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a league competition and has not previously won the Progress Award. Entries may be made in either prints or digital images. In the event of there being fewer than two entrants the Committee will make the award to an eligible Club Member.

The winner will be awarded The Alastair Cochrane Progress Award.

B4 - Set of Three Competitions

In general : Each competitor may submit one entry of three images, which must have a common theme. These images shall be judged as a set. All images should be new in the sense of not having been entered for competition before. The only exception to this is when such images may be requested for entry into Interclub competitions.

Set of Three competitions are part of the leagues (see B1).

(a) The Nellie Bache Award is given for a set of three related projected images, each of which must be individually titled. These images must have been taken during the preceding 12 months.

(b) The Gene Bache Vase is given for three related prints which must be individually titled and may be on one mount or on three separate mounts.

B5 - The Northumberland Plate

The Northumberland Plate is given for the set subject projected image competition. Each image must be related to Northumberland.

B6 - The President's Cup

is awarded annually by the President to a Club member , who in the eyes of the President, has made a meaningful photographic contribution at the Club during the year.

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