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Trophies Awarded for 2006/2007

R.E. Thomas Challenge Cup (Colour Slide League)
Doreen Smith

The President's Cup (Colour Print League)
John Thompson

Arthur Spence Rose Bowl (Monochrome Print League)
Doug Ross and John Thompson

The Alnwick Club Award (1st Slide Open)
Alastair Cochrane, Evening At Chanonry Point

Housby Award (1st Monochrome Print Open)
Doug Ross, One Bar Too Many

Northumberland Gazette Trophy (1st Colour Print Open)
John Thompson, Light On The Future

Nellie Bache Award
Jane Coltman, Flight Of Fancy

H.J. Davidson Tankard (Colour Print Set of Three)
Doreen Smith, In Winter's Grip

Tony Evans Trophy (Monochrome Print Set of Three)
John Thompson - Uneasy Neighbours

Set Subject Monochrome ("Now There's A Funny Thing")
Richard Stent, Age Before Beauty

The Northumberland Plate (People Taken In Northumberland)
Jane Coltman, Brother Harold

Centenary Cup (2nd Slie Open)
James McQuillen, Woodland Stream Allen Banks

R.J. Huggins Shield (2nd Colour Print Open)
John Thompson, Evening At The Causeway

Joe Miller Cup (2nd Monochrome Print Open)
Jane Coltman, Quayside Evening

Club Slide Knockout
John Strong

Alastair Cochrane Progress Award
John Strong

Reportage Award
Raymond Beston, GP 100

Competitions for which there are no trophies

Set Subject, Slides ("From Dusk To Dawn")
Barry Robertson, Civic Centre Man

Set Subject, Colour Print("This Sporting Life")
Jane Coltman, The Swimmer

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