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Galleries from Club Trips

'Pink' by Jane Coltman CPAGB
Thorp Perrow

(25 images)
'Resting Shovels' by Doug Ross
Tanfield Railway

(28 images)
'Brimham Rocks' by Dave Dixon LRPS
Brimham Rocks

(9 images)
'Honeycomb' by Sue Baker
Stump Cross Caverns

(10 images)
'Cornflower' by Gerry Simpson ADPS LRPS
Alnwick Gardens

(45 images)
'Feed Me' by Ian Atkinson ARPS
Farne Islands

(15 images)
'Lamplight' by Gerry Simpson ADPS LRPS
Tyne Quayside

(26 images)
'Strange Visitors (2)' by John Thompson ARPS EFIAP CPAGB
Alnwick Spring Show 2008

(8 images)
'Sea King (3)' by Geoffrey Bradford
RAF Boulmer

(42 images)
'Having Fun' by Jane Coltman CPAGB
Appleby Horse Fair 2008

(38 images)
'Edinburgh (4)' by David Carter

(41 images)
'Gannet' by Gareth Shackleton
Wednesday Wanderers 2009

(162 images)
'Mane Event' by Jane Coltman CPAGB
Appleby Horse Fair 2009

(24 images)
'Waiting For The Good Wife' by Ian Atkinson ARPS
Pickering War Weekend 2009

(18 images)
'Lamp And Rope' by Dave Dixon LRPS

(14 images)
'Dunstan Steads' by Ian Atkinson ARPS
Wednesday Wanderers 2010

(150 images)
'Forest Of Fetlocks' by Ian Atkinson ARPS
Appleby Horse Fair 2010

(65 images)
'Along The Concourse' by Jane Coltman CPAGB
London 2010

(32 images)
'Cook's Chair' by Jane Coltman CPAGB
Lindisfarne Castle

(21 images)
'Delaval Hall' by John Thompson ARPS EFIAP CPAGB
Delaval Hall

(27 images)
'Tricycle' by Doug Ross
Wednesday Wanderers 2011

(196 images)
'Thorpe Perrow' by Ian Atkinson ARPS
Thorpe Perrow, October 2011

(24 images)
'A-fraid (K)not' by Gerry Simpson ADPS LRPS
Wednesday Wanderers 2012

(111 images)
'Blue Light and Sage' by Doug Ross
Newcastle And Gateshead Quayside - 21/04/2013

(36 images)
'Peek-a-Boo' by Jane Coltman CPAGB
Wednesday Wanderers 2013

(433 images)
'Rock Face, Craster' by Rosie Cook-Jury
Wednesday Wanderers 2014

(163 images)
'Gondola Workshop' by Micheal Mundy
Venice, October 2014

(41 images)
'St Mary's Island' by Dave Dixon LRPS
Wednesday Wanderers 2015

(135 images)
'' by Paul Penman
Birds Of Prey Workshop

(5 images)
'Nimble Fingers' by Valerie Atkinson
Wednesday Wanderers 2016

(34 images)
'Trying Again' by Carol McKay
Wednesday Wanderers 2017

(67 images)
'Walk This Way' by Carol McKay
A Sunday Stroll Around Newcastle

(35 images)
'Steps' by Dave Dixon LRPS
Another Sunday Trip To Newcastle

(16 images)
'Holy Island' by Judith Snaith
Wednesday Wanderers 2018

(61 images)
'' by Jane Coltman CPAGB
Alnwick Playhouse

(86 images)
'Aln Valley Railway' by Richard Stent LRPS
Wednesday Wanderers 2019

(87 images)

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