Neck Image

The main feature of the dialog is an image of a guitar neck, showing notes from the selected scale.

Neck Image

The image is arranged with the lower strings near the bottom and the higher strings near the top. The far left of neck shows the open open notes, with notes getting higher towards the right-hand side.

Markers are overlaid onto the neck image to show the location of notes from the selected scale. The root note is shown with a square marker and round markers are used for the other notes, unless no highlighting is selected, in which case round markers are used for all notes. The note markers may be annotated with note names or numbers.

Via the display options dialog you may select either a 12-fret or 24-fret neck. In both cases the same number of frets will be visible, but in 24-fret mode, you may drag the neck image. When the mouse is over the 24-fet neck image, the pointer will change to a hand symbol. If you hold down the left mouse button or the imddle mouse button, the hand will 'grab' the neck - you may then move the image left or right. Release the mouse button to 'ungrab' the neck. When using plectrum mode, only the middle mouse button may be used to move the neck, as the left mouse button is used for playing individual notes.


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