Scale Family

In the top-right corner of the dialog is a list from which you can select which family of scales to work with.


When you select a family from this list, the items in the Scale list are filtered accordingly.

Scale Families

All Scales: As the name suggests, this actually contains all of the scales in the PhatPhish database.

General: This is a collection of the most commonly-used scales.

Modes of the Major Scale: The seven diatonic modes derived from the major scale.

Modes of the Harmonic Minor: The seven diatonic modes derived from the harmonic minor scale.

Modes of the Melodic Minor The seven diatonic modes derived from the melodic minor scale.

Pentatonics and Blues Scales Major and minor pentatonic scales, plus variations used in blues.

Miscellaneous and Exotic Things that don't really fit into any other category, including the weirder-sounding scales.

Eastern Scales Scales found in Japanese and Indian music.


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