Reverb Effects


Reverb (short for reverberation) effects apply an echo-like effect to a guitar sound. Whilst in some ways they are similar to delay effects, they are a distinct family of effects in their own right. Whereas a delay effect simply repeats the guitar sound, reverb adds a more complex echo effect.

Reverb is a useful way of adding a bit of depth to a guitar sound without changing the basic sound. Personally, I nearly always have some degree of reverb built into whatever sound I'm using - both for clean and dirty sounds.

In the following, click on the icon to hear an MP3 file of the effect.

Traditionally, reverb effects have been built into guitar amps using springs to supply the echo effect. This soundbyte contains a couple of dry (no reverb) notes for reference, followed by the guitar playing some chords and single note lines (both clean and dirty) using a generic spring reverb sound.

Digital signal processors are able to offer more sophisticated reverb effects, modelling the echo pattern on a particular ambience. This next soundbyte uses a reverb model based on a room. As before, there are a couple of dry notes for reference, followed by some chord and single note lines using the reverb effect.

Moving to a larger setting, this next soundbyte uses the same sound processor as the previous example, but this time set to a "Hall" setting. As you might expect, this gives a more echo-ey sound. Again, there are a couple of dry notes for reference, followed by some chords and single note patterns using the effect.

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