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PhatPhish is intended to help people to learn scales and to develop as musicians. However, I've been thinking about other ways that PhatPhish can help people, and that's where the idea of PhatPhish Featured Artists comes in.

Over the last 10 (and counting!) years, PhatPhish has built up a global user base, and there is an active community on Facebook. I'd like to try and use this community to help give a wider audience to musicians. By becoming a PhatPhish Featured Artist, you can have your music featured here on the PhatPhish website, and promoted through the various PhatPhish social media outlets (Facebook, YouTube and Twitter). My thinking is that if PhatPhish can give worthy musicians some exposure, then that's a good thing...and any new fans that you get could become PhatPhish users themselves.

The main criteria will be people who have supported PhatPhish in some way, although I'm also looking to feature musicians who I've come into contact with and that I just feel ought to get a bit of time in the spotlight.

If you're interested in being considered as a PhatPhish Featured Artist, click here.

The latest PhatPhish Featured Artist is.....

Core Music of Hexham

This isn't so much a featured artist - it's actually a not-for-profit oprganisation with the aim of making music accessible to all.


To see other PhatPhish Featured Artists click here.

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