Downloading and installing PhatPhish couldn't be easier.

Simply click on the link below to start the download. Your browser should give you the option of opening the file or saving it to disk - take the 'Save to Disk' option and choose where to download the file to.

Once PhatPhish.exe has downloaded, just run it from wherever you saved the download file to. There are no fancy installation routines - the one executable file does everything.

Click here to download PhatPhish (.exe file)

Click here to download PhatPhish (.zip file)

When you've got your copy of PhatPhish, then please take a moment to register. This takes next to no time to do and it means that you can be notified of any upgrades as and when they become available. Also, by getting your own registration code, you can unlock the software and get rid of the annoying little 'nag' messages.

PhatPhish is distributed as shareware, under the terms of this licence. You are under no obligation to pay for it for personal use, but if you want to then you are welcome to make a voluntary donation towards development costs. At the very least, please spare a minute to send your feedback.

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