Dominant 7th Chords - Parent Keys
(Major & Natural Minor Keys Only)


This is useful for reference when working out key centres. The tutorial on 7th chords is also useful background reading.

There are also reference charts of parent keys for major 7th, minor 7th and half diminished chords.

Chord Notes Major Keys Minor Keys
G7 G B D F V of C major VII of A minor
D7 D F# A C V of G major VII of E minor
A7 A C# E G V of D major VII of B minor
E7 E G# B D V of A major VII of F# minor
B7 B D# F# A V of E major VII of C# minor
F#7 F# A# C# E V of B major VII of G# minor
C#7 C# E# G# B V of F# major VII of D# minor
Db7 Db F Ab Cb V of Gb major VII of Eb minor
Ab7 Ab C Eb Gb V of Db major VII of Bb minor
Eb7 Eb G Bb Db V of Ab major VII of F minor
Bb7 Bb D F Ab V of Eb major VII of C minor
F7 F A C Eb V of Bb major VII of G minor
C7 C E G Bb V of F major VII of D minor

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