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As well as the current artist, check out these other featured artists.

Michael Cochrane and Sergio Bueno

I came across these guys completely by chance, when I saw them playing in the street in Edinburgh. They've only just started playing together recently, but they work very well as a duo - I really enjoyed watching and listening to them play.

Check out the video below, which captures them in action, Keep your eye open for them, especially if you're in Edinburgh during the Fringe.

Robert Grigg

I first encountered Robert's music many years ago on the old website, and was delighted when he recently appeared on the list of people who'd clicked the "Like" button on the PhatPhish Facebook page.

His music covers a wide range of influences. You can year blues, rock, jazz and more in there - all good guitar-based music.


Chloropyll Dreams

The band describe themselves as follows: "We're a fledgling blues/rock band, out with our very first album 'To kill the pain'. Inspired by one another, we strive to push our musical abilities and aspire to spread love and peace through our songs."

Personally, I love the idea of band members working with each other for inspiration and pushing their musical abilities. That was the main thing that attracted me to this band and made me want to give them some time in the spotlight as a PhatPhish Featured Artist.

Links for the band:

Mark Chapple

Mark was one of my first students when I got into private teaching many years ago. As is so often the case, we went our separate ways and lost touch.

Last year I met a friend of a friend who knew him and I was able to catch up with what hed been up to. He did a stint with NWOBH stalwarts Saracen, and more recently has been playing with Spartan Warrior.

Good, honest hard rock...just like it used to be during the great days of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Here they are live at the Headbangers Open Air Festival in 2011.

Meet Your Feet

This is a lively 8-piece all women's Band from Bristol, originally gigging from 1987-1992. They've played Major festivals including WOMAD and Glastonbury, and have done several international tours and TV appearances. Voted best Bristol Band by Venue magazine. Their repertoire is a great mix of soul, jazz and latin - very danceable (hence "Meet Your Feet").

I know that PhatPhish is primarily aimed at guitarists, so most of you reading this will be guitarists or bassists. Although Meet Your Feet aren't a particularly guitar-centric band I'd still encourage you to check them out - good music is good music, regardless of what instruments are being used to create it.

You can learn more at This will take you through to their Facebook page, which includes some of their music for you to listen to.

They can also be found on ReverbNation and, although they're not active on MySpace anymore, there is still some of their music available to listen to on there.

As a bonus, their guitarist Tina Holmes is an avid guitar pick collector, and has a website at where you can browse around her extensive collection. You might even spot a PhatPhish pick or two there.

Phil Ogison
of Amoeba Starfish

From Toronto, Phil plays guitars and synths with Amoeba Starfish. In the band's words:

Formed in 2009 the music could be described as Tribal Ambient Groove with elements of psychedelia, with a Jazz approach. This we call, Quantum Jazz. In physics, a quantum (plural: quanta) is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction. Therefore, we play a measure of jazz, along with the other elements previously mentioned.

Here's Phil, with bandmate Jeff Howard, with a "Live off the floor recording on 11.11.11. 1 guitar, 1 e-percussion kit, 1 cityscape and 0 special effects." of their instrumental 'In Bali'.

You can learn more here and here.

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