Play Controls

The play controls on the main dialog provide a quick way of playing scales/patterns.

Play Controls

Plectrum Button: This button can be used to quickly select plectrum mode.
Play Button: Click on this button to start playing the selected pattern. The button will stay down until the scale/pattern has finished playing. If you want to stop playing early, then click on the button again.

Loop: This checkbox serves the same purpose as the 'Loop' option on the Play menu. if this is checked, when a scale/pattern is played, it will keep looping around until this option is unchecked.

Scale/Pattern: This provides a list of patterns which can be played using the current scale. It includes the basic scale itself, a standard pattern plus all applicable user-defined patterns as defined using the Pattern Builder.

This list provides options for how to play the scale/riff:

  • Ascending (1 octave)
  • Descending (1 octave)
  • Up/Down (1 octave)
  • Ascending (2 octaves)
  • Descending (2 octaves)
  • Up/Down (2 octaves)

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